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With ever increasing frequency the SHS website seems to be the connection point for people looking for answers to their questions about local history. Some questions can be answered directly but many are more complex. As a new venture, we are posting some of those questions here with the hope that people with answers will also come to this site. We are also aware that many people do not wish to post their personal email addresses on the Internet. Therefore, people with questions and/ or answers can simply respond to and we will relay any information that needs to be shared. The reality is that answers to some questions may come from several sources and may not be received immediately. Here are some of the questions we have received in the past couple of months and reflect the type of questions that people are asking.

Name : Jackie

Subject : There once was a CIBC in town

Message : Hi there, My name is Jackie I work at the new CIBC, opening soon. We have heard there once was a CIBC in town in the sea to sky hotel (possibly named "The Highlander") we were wondering if you had any information and or pictures on this. If you could get back to me at your earliest convenience, that would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time, Jackie

Sent on: 21 February, 2014

sent out jan. 28,2014- Does your collection include any old photos of Brandywine Falls and the old settlement there, such as cabins, Lodge, etc., among the McDonald or any other collection. I am trying to write a book on the early history, and would appreciate any info!! I did e-mail the curator of the Whistler Museum, as I had met her about five years ago. She remembered me, and will help with info as well. Thank you so much for all your help!!Julie Gallagher

Subject : missing trailer park

Message : I am trying to find out the name of a trailer park that was in North Yards, just past the North Yards train crossing. It was down past Croswtons house and Vaslers house and the Indian Housing. I used to take accordian lessons with a lady named Mrs Silverthorne in this trailer park. I have spoken with many oldtimers, Reeve, Tinney etc and they have no recolection of this trailer park. Please help. What was the name of this trailer park?

Sent on: 27 January, 2014


Name : bill traver

Subject : joe harris

Message : Hi, I have a mounted deer head which I obtained in the early 70's in Ladner. On the back is an inscription "Coast Deer, Shot in Squamish, 1910 by Joe Harris" would you have any info on this person? I have heard about boat excursions into various coastal regions in the early 1900's, gentlemen, ladies, straw hats, parasols, picnic baskets and so forth. Also mentioned was "shooting" which was a polite 'Victorian' term for hunting. Perhaps he lived in Delta or else where and participated in some sort of outing? I have been curious for some time! Any reply would be gratefully appreciated, thank you very much!

Sent on: 23 January, 2014

Name : Mark Charnley

Subject : Robert George Leevers Distinguished Flying Cross

Message : Hello, this is a bit of a long shot but I am trying to trace the family of the above Gentleman who I know emigrated from the United Kingdom to Canada after the Second World War. I am writing a history of the RAF Squadron that Flying Officer Leevers served with, 166 Squadron, a Lancaster Bomber unit based at Kirmington in Lincolnshire, England. He flew two Tours of operations and was awarded the D.F.C and Bar. Searching the internet I came across and entry in the Squamish times, 1963 under Legal Notices, announcing Robert George Leevers intention to lease land on Butterfly Lake. His occupation was given as 'Sales Engineer'. That's the extent of the information I have, save that he married a lady who was also in the R.A.F who he met on his Squadron base but they were divorced after the War. I would be so grateful for any assistance you can give me. If you cant help is there a local newspaper I could write to? Best Wishes from a rainy Cornwall, Mark Charnley

Sent on: 13 January, 2014

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